Tomorrow is calling.
We have the answers.

A 100% socially responsible and sustainable business may sound like a daunting task, but if you stick to your ideals and genuinely care about the world of tomorrow, there are so many opportunities for a company to make a difference!

What we believe is fair

Fair to people, society and the planet:
that is the basis on which we want to
build a new future-proof economy in
which we, together with our people
and stakeholders continue to do


We are a family business where continuity comes before profit


We produce everything in our own factories


We have 92% of our staff in permanent employment

Social & sustainable development report 2020/2021

Read here our social & sustainable report

Our brands

We are the Fair Furniture Group. A family of likeminded brands and people.



The leading educationfurnisher from primary to university education.

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Be by Bèta

Let’s everyone sit comfortably.



The most sustainable local office and project furniture manufacturer.

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De Lockerfabriek

The expert in locker solutions.

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Working and sitting in the UK and Ireland. Unique and ergonomic.

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Nice Price Office

Quickly setting up an office without any worries. That’s Nice Price Office.


From waste to Dutch design.

Our doors are open!

We are happy to show you what we can do.