Fair to people

The Fair Furniture Group is a genuinely local manufacturing company, a family business and just a tad different from the rest… That is why in this report you will only read about subjects that we consider important: people, society and the planet. And yes: we put people first. Because without our people we wouldn´t be here.

The people of the Fair Furniture Group invent, design, produce, assemble, organise, sell and so on. It is them – and their children and grandchildren – who motivate us to tirelessly search for new, sustainable raw materials. To invest in smart production techniques that are better for the environment. To introduce innovative furnishing concepts that help improve and enliven education. They keep us on our toes as we work with our partners to find ways of closing the cycle for a sustainable future for all. See you tomorrow!

People are the essence of the company

The success of our products is based on the craftsmanship and enthusiasm of our people. We care about our own people, but also, for others in society who are not so close to us.

With training and work places, social projects, research and voluntary activities, we like to give something back to society. We are proud of our people and they are proud of their company, brands and products. And it shows. We have low staff turnover and a remarkably low absenteeism.

We invest in personal training plans, a safe and healthy working environment and excellent fringe benefits.

The Fair Furniture Group is one of the few manufacturing companies to offer and promote a four-day work week. Many of our employees have to deal with high physical demands on a daily basis and we believe it is very important that they are able to do their work in a safe and healthy manner.

Doing something for others

For us, corporate social responsibility is not something we just do on the side. It is the way we work. Every day, in our own factory, we dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to our customers. But we cannot separate our beautiful companies from what is happening around us.

Social return is anchored in our company, for example in the cooperation with various practical schools and Maram education. They support young people who are stuck in current educational systems, we offer them a learning and working place.

Fair business

In our factories in the Netherlands and UK, we produce all the furniture close to our customers. In this way, we are in control and we know for sure that the people who supply our raw materials work in good working conditions.

Choosing to work locally also limits the the distance between our suppliers, our production sites and our sales market. Saving time and the environment.

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De activiteiten van Green Furniture Circle zetten we met nog meer enthousiasme door onder de naam Fair Furniture Group! Duurzaam, sociaal, transparant en vooral fair.

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Facility Express gaat verder onder de naam Fair Furniture Group. Aan onze hoge servicegraad wijzigt natuurlijk niets.