Fair to the earth

Fair trade means doing business guided by the core values of sustainability and circularity. At the Fair Furniture Group, this mission has long been a daily reality.

We are 100% committed to being a leader in our industry. We go for clean, sustainable and circular from design to transport. From innovative raw materials to the reuse of old furniture.

When it comes to energy and the cooperation with manufacturers, we go to great lengths to achieve our goal: taking care of tomorrow’s world.

Sustainable production

Fossil raw materials are running out and their extraction has a major impact on our planet. As a group we believe that the use of sustainable raw materials, the reuse of discarded furniture, the use of the renewable raw material wood or the use of recycled materials, always takes precedence over the use of fossil raw materials. So that is what we are doing.

We focus on reuse, value preservation and waste reduction. We develop circular solutions for our waste materials and the waste of others. This way, we ensure that nothing ends up in the waste bin. We do this because we believe that there is no other way. We only have one planet Earth. Let´s not waste it.

Fair Furniture Factories

We produce all our furniture in the Netherlands and UK. That makes perfect sense to us; we’ve always done it that way. We also know that a complete production nearby is quite exceptional nowadays.

The production location in Wijchen – home of Eromesmarko – has been completely renovated and expanded in recent years. A great opportunity to make a significant contribution to sustainability with the new building!

100% waste-free

We’re almost there. Hardly anything of what remains during production at Fair Furniture Group ends up in the trash. But unfortunately, producing without residual materials is not yet possible. However, that is our ambition and we are working hard on it, in all kinds of ways.

Along the way to that ‘no waste situation’, we come up with creative solutions to make good use of our residual materials. Residual materials are used as much as possible for our own new furniture, and if we can’t use it, we´ll donate it to Zooi or Werkpro.

Fair Furniture Academy

At the Fair Furniture Academy we help others to do business with love for people and planet. Surprising aspects of sustainability and CSR, an inspiring place where our and also your interactive workshops can take place.

A combination of indoor and outdoor activities in our GreenField. Sparring with colleagues, exchanging knowledge in the field of production, circular design and CSR.

Facility Express gaat verder onder de naam Fair Furniture Group. Aan onze hoge servicegraad wijzigt natuurlijk niets.

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De activiteiten van Green Furniture Circle zetten we met nog meer enthousiasme door onder de naam Fair Furniture Group! Duurzaam, sociaal, transparant en vooral fair.

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Facility Express gaat verder onder de naam Fair Furniture Group. Aan onze hoge servicegraad wijzigt natuurlijk niets.