Our story

Fair to people, society and the planet: that is the basis on which we want to build a new future-proof economy in which we, together with our people and stakeholders continue to do business. We dearly love the world around us. The craftsmen in our factory, the men and women in the office, we are all working consciously towards a better world. That is simply part of us.

For a cleaner environment, we want to be a leader in our industry with clean, sustainable and circular products. Contributing to our environment, that is what we are all about. For young people, for the craftsmen of tomorrow, for students of the Praktijkschool, for organisations like NLdoet or for the clients and volunteers of the Food Bank. Every person matters!

Roel Wiekema, co-founder of the Fair Furniture Group.

Seven solid brands, one family

The Fair Furniture Group is a family business. For us, continuity of the group comes before personal gain. That is what makes our company stable and financially strong. The story of the individual companies goes all the way back to 1909. Bicycle pedals, air conditioning, caravans; really anything and everything was made by the companies, which had no connection with each other at the time. Each company moved along with the market and regularly changed its strategy and vision.

A bunch of ‘ headstrong companies’, according to Roel Wiekema, co-founder of the Fair Furniture Group. “We start working together in 1998. Then the VDB Group was founded. Quite simply, we used the first letters of Vepa, Drentea and Bèta for our group name. Now we are the Fair Furniture Group, a group of seven solid brands, each with its own speciality. Together there is nothing that we cannot do when it comes to furnishing.’

What we believe is fair


We are a family business where continuity comes before profit


We produce everything in our own factories in the Netherlands and UK


We have 82% of our staff in permanent employment


We let our employees share in the profits


We accept social responsibility, not only for our employees, but also for
others outside our company


We offer apprenticeships to precisely those students who would
not be able to find an apprenticeship


We open our doors to those who are interested


We do not have anything made elsewhere in the world to reduce labour costs


We produce sustainably and are 100% honest about this to the outside world


We do not create waste but use our residual materials for new products


We buy our raw materials locally and in Western Europe


We design our products circularly


We let our people learn, and focus on vitality and sustainable employability

Sustainable Development Goals

Seventeen goals to make the world a better place by 2030; That is what we are 100% committed to. As a truly family business, we are keen to make a positive contribution, particularly to the goals in the areas of poverty, education and the climate crisis; challenges that directly relate to our role in society and the economy. In doing so, we also look beyond the borders of our small country, for example when it comes to the origin of our raw materials and the human rights conditions in our chain.

Thinking big is something we’re good at. That’s why we want to make a contribution to the restoration of biodiversity. We are happy to show the positive impact of producing locally to anyone who wants to learn about it. For example, by not outsourcing to low-wage countries, we also retain knowledge in the production process and we offer employment in our industry. We see it as our responsibility to work together towards a better future for everyone.

Facility Express gaat verder onder de naam Fair Furniture Group. Aan onze hoge servicegraad wijzigt natuurlijk niets.

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De activiteiten van Green Furniture Circle zetten we met nog meer enthousiasme door onder de naam Fair Furniture Group! Duurzaam, sociaal, transparant en vooral fair.

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Facility Express gaat verder onder de naam Fair Furniture Group. Aan onze hoge servicegraad wijzigt natuurlijk niets.