In the ‘old’ linear economy, companies make products by extracting raw materials and processing them into things that are thrown away after use. By doing business in a circular way, we want to prevent pollution and exhaustion of the earth and fight for social equality.

We use raw materials as efficiently as possible, produce as little waste as possible and reuse furniture and materials optimally.

Reuse furniture

Every day there are schools, public authorities and companies that decide to revamp their interiors or replace furniture. Our goal is to reuse the existing furniture as much as possible. When you clean furniture thoroughly, it can often be taken straight to the new
or renovated office. With a minor adjustment – such as a new paint colour or new upholstery – it blends in even better with the new interior, which we sometimes refurbish from floor to ceiling.

Since we have all the machinery and production methods in our own factories, we regard your old furniture as valuable raw materials that we can always make into something beautiful.

Raw materials

Sustainability is in our DNA; in the way we think and act, everywhere. Thanks to this enormous passion, our team achieved the greatest circular success to date with the Hemp chair: the most sustainable chair in the world.

The materials used are completely biological, plant-based and endlessly recyclable as well as endlessly recyclable in the same form. That has never been possible before.

'No waste situation'

There is no such thing as waste. When you visit one of our factories, you might see
someone hanging upside down in a bin filled with leftover material.

Probably someone who is collecting new ideas. After all, the drive to create new design with leftover materials from the factory is very strong among our people. And where does one find inspiration? Exactly. In the waste bin.